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Go-Kart Parties

Go-Kart Party Wiltshire run parties from MECA Swindon, however we do travel to alternative locations for those customers who are not quite so close.

Go-Kart Party is the latest innovation in children’s entertainment; aimed at children aged 4-10, it provides a fun environment for them to experience the thrill of being a racing driver!

The karts are eye catching and colourful and children are keen to drive them from the moment they set eyes on them.

Each Go-Kart Party package consists of 4 electric Go Karts housed within an inflatable ‘Mini Grand-Prix’ circuit meaning the children are essentially surrounded within an inflatable cushion of air. 

At the start of the party, all children are given a safety talk and are shown how to stop, start, and control the Go Karts by our trained staff. 

We adjust the speed of the Go Karts to suit the children’s age and ability. 

We then kick off the party by putting the children into teams, and we rotate them on and off the track, so they get multiple turns on the Go Karts. The children do not have to wait long for their turns, but while they do they are kept motivated by our team to encourage them to participate in the whole experience.

Each time they go on it’s a different experience, starting with a test lap, then we have the option of slalom courses, cops and robbers, superhero races and relay racing, giving everyone a fabulous experience, but most of all, a party to remember for the birthday child. We award all the children with “Safe Driver” certificates and present a trophy to the “Best Driver” (the best driver is always the birthday child but the children don’t know that!).  The birthday child then does a few laps of honour whilst all the other children stand around the track and sing Happy Birthday. We finish the party with a photo of the birthday child in the kart holding their trophy surrounded by their friends, it ends on a real high!

We also have Go Kart Party medals for just £2 per child - a great memento of the day and the perfect alternative to a party bag.


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